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Have a customer base that could benefit from growing their own food?  

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Survival Garden – 15,000+ Seeds – 36 Variety Pack

MSRP $69.99 / MAP $54.99


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How to Offer Seeds To Your Customer Base

Buy Your Seeds

Shop for seed packs that are suitable for your store.  The more you buy, the cheaper they are!  We only deliver to Canada and you are not authorized to sell on Amazon.

Receive Your Order

While we prepare your order you will receive marketing material links to get your online or physical store ready for distribution.  Orders under 100 units take 5-7 business days to send, 100-500 units/ 10 business days, 500+ units / 15 Business days.

Drive Sales!

Sell your seeds on your website or at your physical location in Canada.  MSRP and MAP (minimum advertised price) are outlined on the product page.   

Growing From Seed Brings Benefits To Your Customers

Promotes Health!

A lot of fundraisers are for chocolate, cookies, or pizza, which are all detrimental to ones health.  Instead, growing food will benefit the purchasers health by growing nutrient rich food.

Good for The Planet

Growing your own food puts less strain on the conventional agriculture system, which is far from enviornmental.  Growing your own food creates the most local food source possible!

Unites Families

Growing food as a family is a fun activity!  Seeing a seed grow from something tiny into a continuous food source is one of the most remarkable things to witness and fun for all age groups.

Get a FREE Seed Variety Pack ($14.99 Value)

Make your first order of $30 or more and get our Starter Pack of seeds for free!  This includes 5 seed varieties for any level gardener!

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