Kenzie Bailey Fundraiser

Kenzie competes Internationally, Nationally and Locally in Dog Agility with her three Border Collies, Luna, Sal and Letty.

Partial Proceeds From Every Seed Sale Support Kenzie

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We’re Taxing Ourselves

Limitless Growth’s self imposed Active Actism Tax, 1% of all net profits, provides support for community & school gardens to help educate the next generation on better agricultural practices.

It’s time to create a more sustainable agriculture system

Limitless Growth was founded because we discovered that the root cause of the majority of the issues the world faces is caused by the current agricultural system.  Weather it’s the rising costs of living, coral bleaching, health care costs rising, soil degradation, lack of freshwater, or almost anything else.   We have the power to solve all these problems when we start growing food in our window sill, backyard, or when we support local farmers growing with sustainable practices.   It’s time to transition to a better system.  Let’s start growing!


Learn to Grow!

Weather you have a window sill, balcony, or a backyard, YOU CAN GROW FOOD!  Check out our articles that will guide you in the right direction to learn to grow your own food!

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Our goal with seed sales is to be able to fund the development of apps and products that will help the transition.  Planners that will increase your success rate, farm tours that will inspire you, and apps that will help you monetize your new found passion.

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Don’t need seeds?  Buy Limitless Growth merch to show off your passion for growing food!  Like all of our products, 1% of our net profits from all sales go directly into supporting community and school gardens!

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Make your first order of $30 or more and get our Starter Pack of seeds for free!  This includes 5 seed varieties for any level gardener!

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