Limitless Growth Fundraiser Programs!

Do you have a fundraiser you need to make some money for?

We’ve got the perfect programs for you!

2 Ways To Raise Money For Your Fundraiser

Shop Bundles for Physical Fundraiser Events

Have a fundraiser event coming up?  Buy bundles for $5/pack and resell for $10 to raise funds at your event!

Earn 35% From Each Sale

Sign up for a fundraiser account and receive a link where 35% of all purchases get sent to your fundraiser!

Bundles Explained

Steps to Fundraising With Bundles

Choose Your Seed Packs

We have 2 options to choose from.  Indoor Herbs or Starter Packs.  Each pack is sold in a bundle of 30 for $150 ($5 each pack)

Fundraise With The Seeds

You sell each pack for $10.  This provides your fundraiser with net proceeds of $5/Pack.  Sell the full bundle to provide $150 for your fundraiser!

Return Unsold Packs

Didn’t sell everything?  No problem!  Packs not sold within 30 days can be returned for a refund.  Packs must be unopened and in the same condition as received.

Top Packs From Other Fundraisers

Indoor Herb Garden – 5 Varieties that can be grow indoor or outside!

Purchase your seed packs in bundles of 30 for $5 each and resell for $10 each pack for fundraisers only.  This provides your fundraiser with $5 profit each pack sold!

We also guarantee a buy back option for any packs unsold within 30 days and sent back to our office!


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35% Link Explained

Direct Customers To Your Link & Earn 35%

Fundraiser Form

Start by filling out our fundraiser form so we can set you up.  (optional) add a write up and pictures for your own landing page!

Send People To Your Link

Once we approve your submission we’ll send you a link to send customers to.  Every sale generated will earn 35% commission for your fundraiser.  We fulfill the order, no need for you to cary any seeds!

Get Your Funds

Within your account you’ll be able to see sales generated.  Once that balance gets up to an amount you would like to receive you can request a payout.  We can pay via etransfer or direct deposit via stripe.

Benefits of Fundraising With Seeds

Promotes Health!

A lot of fundraisers are for chocolate, cookies, or pizza, which are all detrimental to ones health.  Instead, growing food will benefit the purchasers health by growing nutrient rich food.

Good for The Planet

Growing your own food puts less strain on the conventional agriculture system, which is far from enviornmental.  Growing your own food creates the most local food source possible!

Unites Families

Growing food as a family is a fun activity!  Seeing a seed grow from something tiny into a continuous food source is one of the most remarkable things to witness and fun for all age groups.

Get a FREE Seed Variety Pack ($14.99 Value)

Make your first order of $30 or more and get our Starter Pack of seeds for free!  This includes 5 seed varieties for any level gardener!

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